Double Breakfast

I got up when the dawgs got me up, walked them and had some cereal, I call them Choking Pellets, but they are GOooooOOooD! All Bran Bran Buds
Later I think I’ll make Bacon and Eggs too. Breakfast and Blunch.

I need to whack the weeds in the yard but I just can’t see it happening today.

0 thoughts on “Double Breakfast

  1. Never judge a book by the cover LOL! I had to chuckle as to your reason for picking the Miller book:0Thanks for dropping by my blog. As for the four poster bed, well, it was really cool, but I spent most of the night worrying I would fall out and break my neck it was so high. But wow think of the storage underneath, yes, that would be cool.

  2. I love All-Bran too! “whack” the weeds?…. what does that that mean? Are you going to beat them to death?? lol