Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Went to bed at about 8:15 last night. Without a word, the wife and I both got up and went to bed. When we got there, I said “You know it’s only 8:20, right?” She said  “Whaaaa      ?”, and then we were both asleep.

I think we need a new mattress, my back has been killing me for two days. I can’t even touch my knees without pain. Thank God for ibuprofen.

I don’t wanna go to work today. I wanna go to the beach!

2 thoughts on “Early To Bed, Early To Rise

  1. Dear Mark,
    I love you..and I am so glad your team won..I took them and the points..
    …..love Yellowdog Granny.

    a good mattress is a gift from the Goddess…and face your bed north..fung shui..

  2. Yes, a mattress can be a killer if it is a bad one. We will be getting a new one soon. Now if only we could pick out our mattress when we are at sea. It doesn’t work that way.

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