Stress Sleep

It’s FRIDAY! and a long weekend here..

I’m getting ready to head out to work.

Unique bad sleep last night. Excellent deep and REM and light. But high stress. I couldn’t relax, I couldn’t get comfortable and the bed was annoying Also I went to bed about 2100, not 2257 Stress is usually 13-18…

I am ready for the weekend!

Never Enough REM

My watch has been monitoring my sleep for a long time, somebody else had to take a look to point it out to me, I barely have any REM sleep.

in today’s it says not enough REM, but I never really noticed it until somebody told me about it. But I get some good deep sleep, huh?

my RMV is in the pits too, but nobody knows what that means.

Now I have to research REM sleep

Happy Wednesday!

Try The Roof

As you probably know, i’m a very poor sleeper. When I wake up in the morning I do my exercise and meditation on my sundeck roof. I saw three satellites pass overhead this morning.

When I can’t sleep tonight, I’m gonna go lay up there because it was nice and peaceful and cool.

It’s what I built this house for and never do it.

Have a great day!

Morning Brain Reset

I’m not sure I recognize the symptoms of being tired. Sure, I recognize sleepiness, but tiredness, and the symptoms like crabbiness and brain malfunction (having to reread something two or three times to get the message for example), I don’t attribute to you being tired. I think more along the lines that it’s the end of the world.

I don’t really think it’s the end of the world, but I don’t consider that it’s a temporary condition cured by a night of good relaxing sleep. At which I am, as you know, an expert.. Ha!

Even if I’m not a good sleeper, my brain seems to reset overnight and I feel better in the morning once I get up and get going.

that’s my sleep talk for today, happy hump day!

heavier-than-air toxic gas

Last night I was asleep, dreaming about why I couldn’t sleep. I deduced there must be a toxic, heavier-than-air gas in the area that I was sleeping. As I move around, I stir it up, sometimes inhaling it, sometimes not, sometimes mixing it with good air. I decided I was sleeping in some type of bowl and when I woke up I would have to use a fan to blow all the heavier-than-air toxic gas out of the bowl. Then I’d sleep well.

Overall, I woke up thinking I slept well. And according to my tracker, it was one of my best night’s sleep ever. Dreaming about not sleeping was just a dream

Have a wonderful day!

I Think I’m Awake

But I’m Not

Last night, I was lying in bed. I thought I was awake, but part of me knew that I wasn’t. I was trying to do simple three count in three count out breathing and couldn’t do it. It was very difficult. I was trying to NOT think about Daisy and the dog across the street but I could not.

I often wonder why I think I’m awake all night but my sleep monitor shows me as being asleep. It’s because even though I’m asleep, I’m aware. I cannot fully control my thoughts in this state. Counting 1 2 3 was very difficult and I kept making mistakes. Breathing was difficult along with the count. It is a bizarre sensation/state of mind.

and now I’m off to work. I think it’s payday but it might be tomorrow

Have a great day!

Quiet Rainy Weekend

It was a very quiet weekend . Saturday afternoon was a workshop on meditative breathing and yoga pose alignment. It was quite interesting and seemed too short

During class, I felt like I had a feather in my throat. A tickley cough. By evening, it was a full blown sore throat. I went to bed before 7 on Saturday night and got up after 7 on Sunday. Sunday, it seemed to be a cold. Hopefully now I’m on te upswing from my first Cold in years

Im exhausted after a long, sleepless night.

Ba humbug

Quarter Till Five

I set my alarm to go off at 4:45. It’s been seeming like I’m a little short on those in the week-mornings, so I’m getting up earlier. This morning, I was laying in bed, certain I had made a mistake, that the alarm wasn’t going to go off at all, but I refused to look at the clock. Finally it did go off and here I am

Above are some pre sunrise pics from this.morning. it was very red.

Have a wonderful Wednesday (seems like this is the second Wednesday this week, doesn’t it?)


Best Sleep In Years

Last night I slept good for the first time in years. I didn’t even get up once and usually I get up half a dozen or a dozen times. I still only got a fair sleep score but a new I slept good when I woke up 5 minutes before the alarm. Hope I can do it again!

have a great day