Early to bed, early to rise

I went to bed kind of early last night. I wasn’t going to bed, I just wanted to lay down and play Free Cell on my phone. But then the wife came and climbed in so I just stayed.
Then I woke up early and started worrying about crap.

Crashing my motorcycle.
I’m not good enough.
Paying the bills.
Who thinks what about what.
What will I do when my Dawg dies.
I can’t do it.

And countless tons of other bullshit.

I am my own worst enemy. I get alone and start telling myself worse things about myself than anyone else could ever say.

Then I wake up and have to pull myself up put of a funk just to get started.

And all this before my first cup of coffee on a Monday!

0 thoughts on “Early to bed, early to rise

  1. Peanut butter and jelly… nope! I have peanut butter and thin cheese!I reckon you are just trying to gag me with your suggestion! I can almost see the diet coke gushing out me nose!!! NOT a pretty sight. lolThink I'll pass on trying it.Hope you are not too funk'd out… we all have crappy days like that…. go have a diet coke, that always makes me feel great.