Did I mention we had an earthquake last week? I didn’t feel it, The Wife didn’t feel it. I don’t want to minimize it, because a lot of people were scared and freaked out. The only damage I heard about was a sinkhole in some oceanfront apartments. I got this picture from someone in Bonaire, and I thought I got it before the quake, but later, realized I got it immediately after it. Wonder how it got me from Bonaire faster than I would have heard about it from our newsroom. (You DO know I work at a Radio Station, right?)

Also Pat Robertson (The most evil creature on Earth) said Haiti was cursed or something. ant that’s why they had an earthquake. Well here’s a cartoon from the local paper about that! I love this cartoon! That there’s some funny stuff, I don’t care WHO you are!

Click to enlarge! (Both pics)

I live one quarter mile north of Hell, just FYI. For todays post I used red ink because of that.

I gotta go because I’m working today

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