These are pics I took last night of the moon. You ever notice when there is a tiny crescent moon, and you look and you can see the whole moon, outlined? That is because if you were on the moon, looking at Earth, it would be almost a full earth, and the light you see the whole moon by is the light that is reflected off the full Earth. Hence the name, Earthshine

The whole potato, from our back porch, the moon and a planet, Venus I think but I’m not sure without looking it up
The bright part of the moon is in the sunshine, the dimmer part is visible because of Earthshine
If I had a tripod, this could have been a decent shot, see the craters? I took all these pics holding the camera in my hand as still as I could.

Yesterday The Wife completed a freediving course. I went at about noon to get in on the final half day, the good parts, but they were getting out of the water as I arrived, finishing early. I was very disappointed I missed it. Then we came home and took naps. Then the weekend was over..
Today is Monday, but it seems like Tuesday. That means it’s going to be a loooooonng week. Puh.

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  1. You did darn well getting such good shots of the moon just holding the camera with your hand! I had not seen the craters before! Too cute.

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