Eat more, get taller

Yesterday, we stopped and swam the half mile. I was so tired that it was a chore walking back down the beach to the car. When I got home, the OI girl made tomato soup and I made grilled cheese sandwiches. Then I passed out. I laid down and I don’t remember a thing till the alarm went off this morning.
Yesterday, during the swim the water was rough. We almost didn’t swim at all, but it’s been rougher and yesterday was calmest it’s been for a week or so.

Also, new thing: it’s a website called Calorie Count. You go and set up an account, then you log what you eat and what exercise you do. It’s pretty cool, it takes a while to get set up, but then you can do it pretty fast, once you learn your way around and get your main items tagged so you can find them quickly. The OI Girl is so far mostly taking care of mine. My calorie intake should be 2400 a day and yesterday mine was 2340. Pretty good! I weigh 190 (about) and am 6’1″ tall. If I was an inch taller I wouldn’t be over weight, maybe if I ate more, I’d grow another inch!

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  1. I need to check that calorie count out. I think I exercise enough, apparently not. I need a job where I walk and move for 8 hours. Then, I can eat whatever I want.