End Of The Week

Our rainy front window
Kids kayaking down flooded major street.
(Picture stolen from CayCompass website)
It has been raining FOREVER! I am tired of it. There is a five gallon bucket out front that was completely filled. That’s what? 15 inches? Before I dumped it… Someone told me that we had 19 inches in the past few days. I read HERE we had “almost 13 inches in two days”, and its been raining for weeks. 
Yesterday it got sunny for 5 minutes. I thought it was breaking up. Then it poured again. This morning it’s all wet everywhere. I have had enough.
On the bright side, our favorite neighbor Paloma is back! She magically re appeared overnight. I gave her a carrot this morning.

7 thoughts on “End Of The Week

  1. OMG, I had no idea you were being flooded over there, you poor things, you! We've just been experiencing our first (and probably to be short-lived) heat wave this week, it's gorgeous. Hope all the sogginess lifts for you soon.Isn't Paloma a magnificent beauty?

  2. Holy cow… I'd no idea but that is A LOT of rain you've been having. I hope it lets up soon. We could use some of it here!! I'm pleased to see Paloma – she's a real beauty (I remember her from M's blog). I love the image of nervous Godie a few posts ago. I hope all your kitties have managed well in the rain. Sorry to hear about all your pictures – total bummer. What a shame.

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