Ever Stop To Think?

Every American knows the face of this famous landmark.
Ever stop to think what it must look like from the other side?

3 thoughts on “Ever Stop To Think?

  1. LOL… someone has a good sense of humour!I got to swim with fish in the sea yesterday! We went to a Marine Reserve about and hour and a half from our home (didn't know about it before) and we could see all sorts of fish! It was AWESOME! We are going to go and buy snorkels, masks and flippers this week so we can go back next weekend! We only had swimming goggles yesterday!

  2. LOL, That's funny Mark…never thought of that!! I saw the before and after photos of Japan this morning on TV – It's just amazing. I don't know what they're going to do! With the radiactive plant ready to blow any minute, no one is safe….I'd want off that island for sure!! give me some iodine pills please…debbie

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