Everyone on TV reads the same newspaper

Yeah, it’s a stolen post! I stole it from HERE. It was fast ‘n easy for a Saturday!

I’ve never noticed same the newspaper, but I see many times on TV that everybody seems to have the same Apple laptop!

Cory Doctorow at 2:06 AM Saturday, Jun 5, 2010

Everybody on TV and in movies reads the same newspaper, it seems. And they’ve been reading that standard newspaper prop for decades. At a guess: paranoid studio lawyers don’t want to use real newspapers because they think that they might get a copyright complaint from the paper (despite this incidental use being clearly fair use), so they insist that set-dressers all use the same prop that’s fully rights-cleared.

0 thoughts on “Everyone on TV reads the same newspaper

  1. Now I will feel compelled to look at every newspaper I see someone reading on my fav shows to see if they are the same…..thanks for that!!!