Fellow Bloggers

Yesterday I was at the Vet’s office with the OI Girl, getting the dogs some vaccinations. We were just walking out, wrassling our two dogs, who wanted to sniff and possibly devour all the other dogs in the waiting room, when this guy asked me if I was Mark. I said yes, and although he looked familiar, I didn’t really place him, till he said he read my website. (I thought that was funny, ’cause I never really considered this a website, its more like a TOY website). It clicked then and I asked him “are you Mad Bull?!” and he said yes! I said I always wanted to meet him and Trouble. He said he gets together with Trouble every now and then.
I gave him my business card and hopefully he’ll call and we’ll have a cuppa coffee or a cigar sometime. I had looked at Mad Bulls pic on his profile and had been keeping an eye out, but he is much taller than I expected!

It was cool, meeting another blogger!

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