Finally A Friday

It’s Friday, I’m working the late shift today because of an outside broadcast.
Last night the weatherman was talking about all the sun yesterday. I didn’t see the sun, I was working. It was cloudy when I went in to work, it was cloudy every time I saw a window and it was cloudy when I got out of work. Not seeing the sun bums me out.
The weatherman said it will be windy and mostly partly cloudy all weekend. Hope he’s wrong.

Here it has been cloudy for a long time, seems like. Although it is clear now.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my blue Mares fins, I want to start using them more. I can’t actually remember the last time I went snorkeling or had a beach lunch hour.

Here’s some pics from recently. Look how drab the weather is. yuk

A divemaster works while a cruise ship heads out to sea.
A sailboat cruising around the south side
An ancient trash can, grown into a tree. (I’ve posted pics of this before)
The same can, closer. The ancient garbage is stuck in the ancient can stuck in the ancient tree.