After almost a week of
Banging my head against the wall,

I finally got that computer fixed. 

Thank You! Thank You!
It shouldn’t have taken so long.
(it WAS the first time I ever worked on/configured a RAID)
If there’s no further problems, I can get it installed and working tomorrow!
(I can’t remember exactly where I stole these pics from… but it was from other blogs!)

0 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Alright! Congrats! We all had faith in you, we knew you could do it. By the way, don’t be pissed if I steal those cool pics sometime that you have on this post. They are too good not to steal.

  2. Well it’s about time, GAWD!Just kidding, congrats – it’s always a good feeling when you learn something new and apply it to get a tangible result.