First Game.

This weekend I played my first pickleball games. It was fun but i got my butt whooped. I’d shoot these high, arcing lobs into the sky and my opponent would fire back a bullet. I’d return the ball, easy target arc and he’d fire another bullet. He was standing in the middle of the court while I was running crazily back and forth and all over.

It was fun and I can’t wait to do it again!

Below is a few pics of the Pickleball club.

It was a good weekend!

Now it’s Monday . The thought crossed my mind to call in sick, but no.. Someone has to hold the planet together!

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “First Game.

  1. I was wondering if there were people that played for keeps. So many of the videos I see promoting pickleball are just friendly people lobbing the ball back and forth.

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