Good Morning!

It’s almost Friday, I signed up for Pickleball tomorrow night. Saturday is the mile swim. I hope i don’t injure myself playing pickleball and impede my ability to swim.

Hopefully Sunday I can get some of my projects around the house worked on..

This sounds like a Friday post, but it’s Thursday. At the top is yestdays sunrise.

Have a great day!

First Game.

This weekend I played my first pickleball games. It was fun but i got my butt whooped. I’d shoot these high, arcing lobs into the sky and my opponent would fire back a bullet. I’d return the ball, easy target arc and he’d fire another bullet. He was standing in the middle of the court while I was running crazily back and forth and all over.

It was fun and I can’t wait to do it again!

Below is a few pics of the Pickleball club.

It was a good weekend!

Now it’s Monday . The thought crossed my mind to call in sick, but no.. Someone has to hold the planet together!

Have a great week!

Slowstart Monday

Im slow this morning, running late. Had a good weekend. Took a picture of kute kat Knip, bought a pickleball paddle and Friday was an enjoyable Job Fair that I attended for work

And now I’m out the door, headed for work!

Have. GREAT week!


I have visitors who arrived yesterday. . Yesterday was picking them up, getting them settled in, dinner and of course my Pickleball Lesson number two.

I can see myself playing that pickleball.

Today is a scuba dive and I don’t know what else today entails .

Have a great weekend!