First Guest

We had our first guest stay over in the apartment this weekend. It was a friend who, with my wife, went to a concert thing at a local bar, and they were drinking, so instead of driving all the way across the country (8 miles) she stayed in the apartment. She enjoyed it, she said it was nice to be away from the husband and kids. We also got some nice comfy chairs for the apartment, so I think, furniture-wise, it’s ready. We still need to hang pictures and get curtains of some sort of window covering.

I failed to plug my phone into the charger last night. When I picked it up this morning, it was 37%. It’s plugged in now, hopefully getting enough charge to make it through the day.

This weekend, I got done grinding thhe driveway and filling the cracks, hopefully this week I’ll use up the last of paint I used to paint the driveway a couple years ago. I’m saying I hope I have enough paint to finish and not buy more. If I need more, I want a lighter color, as this gets so hot in the sun you can’t walk barefoot on it. If I buy a lighter color, I’ll need to re-paint the whole driveway, and not just the repaired parts, and therefore need a lot more paint.

Have a good week!