First internet availibility

Today will be my first chance to connect to the internet since I arrived
here in Costa Rica. these are the posts I’ve been typing on my phone.

Morning is here! I’m typing this on my cell phone. We traveled all day
yesterday. Got here last night. The OI Girls Parents live up in the
mountains overlooking a city that starts with an “A” nearer to the
airport than San Jose. Last night was beautiful, the way the city
lights shimmer.

I got up at 5 and went out and tried to get some decent pics but I
don’t know if they came out.
Also, the stars are way up high and I’ve already seen stars I’ve never
seen before! (I’ve been south but wasn’t interested in the sky then)
I’ll see if I can send this now!
Nope can’t connect. This will sit in my outbox till I can. Its 18Feb06 615AM

19 Feb 06 today we came to the beach. It was a real adventure. Two
four wheel drives, through rough roads, streams and gravel paths. The
last half was off road. I am about 10 miles north of cabo blanco. It
took about 4 hours to get here from Alajuela. the beach is very remote.
Yesterday we visited relatives and went to a museum type place called

20Feb06 last night i got text messages from my dogsitter. Ditto bit
her dog. This morning my neighbor is going to pick Ditto up.
Here I have very intermittent phone coverage. My ready light flashes
red red green green green red green red red red…..

21Feb06 3:49AM
I’m awake. Went to bed early. Awake early. Yesterday we tried to get
to Cabo Blanco but didn’t get all the way because it is a park that
was closed Mon & Tue. We went to Montezuma and had lunch there. It is
a great backpacker town and good beaches and very blue water. After
lunch we hiked back to this waterfall and had a swim. That water was
cold, no one would argue. Then we came back and saw the sun set from
the sea. Then had a light dinner of sashimi and vegetables.
OI Girls stepfather, is going back today. I think we are planning on
going back to Alajuela Thursday

22Feb06 4:58 PM
this morning we came back from the beach. it was great! we took a
ferry across instead of the bridge (donated by the Taiwanese govt)
Then we just hung out at her parents house, played with the dogs and
watched some TV. Also every meal has been fantastic.

23 Feb 06 4:33 am
I anticipate internet access today. We’re going into town and doing
some shopping. Sorry I haven’t been posting more. I am having a great
time but miss reading everybodys blogs.
I am typing this on my phone, then I’ll transfer it to my computer,
then hopefully email it.
I hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. All of this tells me you are having a great time! I am sorry about Ditto, but the other dog had to be harrassing him. Sounds like the water is great and the sites are beautiful. Be sure to share your pics with us. Can’t wait to see them.

  2. Glad it sounds like you’re having fun! I’m living vicariously through you (although I guess I normally do anyway, seeing as you already live in paradise!).

  3. Sounds like you’re having a great time! Can’t wait to see some pics once you get a chance to post them. I will live through your pictures. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I can’t wait to hear all of the details and see the pics whe you get back. Safe journey my friend!