First Monday

Since New Years day was on a weekend, today is the holiday (I hope). It’s good to start the first working day of the year with a holiday day off.

At least I hope it’s a day off, hope I’m not playing hookie on a workday!

i’ve been we working my way through a bag of CafĂ© Oro. Coffee from Honduras.

It has good flavor, but it is very dark and oily. Good flavor, but it looks very very strong when you pour it. I don’t regret buying it at all, but I worry about staining my teeth worse than they are already stained.

have a wonderful 2022 and a great work week!

2 thoughts on “First Monday

  1. The post office says their holiday was Saturday the 1st. I thought it might have been Friday. That’s what a typical M-F company would do.

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