First Real Post (on the new site)

This is my first real post on MarkD60.COM. I’m kind of still getting used to it.

This is a picture I took in September, the full moon setting on the sea early in the morning.

I installed WordPress in a  website folder. I use WordPress to manipulate the blog.  It’s instead of, and WordPress can’t do updates to my software, I have to do it myself. And also I could import my old blog.

So I’m gonna see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “First Real Post (on the new site)

  1. yeah, it is already easier to use as a downloaded very apposed as the old one that took for fecking ever..
    the moon picture is so beautiful.

  2. First time I have been able to find your blog via your gravator, had been wondering what you get up to, beautiful picture of the moon, well done…….

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