First thing this morning

My plan was, wake up on time (5AM), put my rebreather together, go to work and get off and go for a dive.
I woke up this morning to the sound of static. BOTH my stations were off the air. (I swear this can’t be happening to any other radio station anywhere). I got up, drove to the transmitter site and fixed them both. The power to one of the outlets was gone and I had to plug one transmitter in somewhere else and reset the other one. (It didn’t automatically reset because of loss of power to the same outlet. Apparently there was a power failure last night and did some damage to the buildings wiring.

Did I mention I had a rough week last week? Did I mention that last week my first words to any other living human being were “Fuck you too asshole! I’m not the one driving on the sidewalk!” Last Monday I was driving to work in creeping traffic. A mini bus comes driving up the shoulder, trying to get ahead of everybody. There was some trees and brush in a section and he couldn’t get by. So he starts coming over into my lane, trying to intimidate me. So I leaned on the horn. He opened his door and yelled “fuck you asshole”. So I yelled back. I wish he’d a gotten out of his bus, I was realy pissed off. He shut his door and that was all I heard from him. But I was thinking, “What a way to start the week, I hope this isn’t an indication of how my week will be.
Well, it was a pretty fair indication of how my week went. So I’m wondering what this mornings incident indicates… That I will be useful and efficent all week? I hope so.
I don’t need another week like last week…

0 thoughts on “First thing this morning

  1. Hey I had a week from hell last week. Murphy’s law rears it’s ugly head. Christmas is a great time of year but I think people get stressed and let it out at inopportune times. Then there arepeople like your drive who need a huge attitude adjustment and from the sound of things he almost got it.. I am officially claming that you will have a super week and will be good in paradise. Happy Holidays!!!!

  2. I’m sending good thoughts for you having a better week. If it works, I want all credit. If it doesn’t, well that’s only because you’re so far away and maybe my thoughts won’t make it that far? anyhow, good luck with everything!

  3. Hopefully this will be a better week for you. Hey, the Redskins whopped butt so how could it not be a good week. Greg even donned his Skins hat and Skins sweatshirt to watch the game.

  4. Candy, misery loves company – Glad I wasn’t alone, but sorry you had a bac week too.Ivy Thanks, you get all the credit!Daisy, G-Man made them win by getting out his Redskins stuff. Tell him to do it again next week!Renee! I can’t believe you used the “F” word!! Ow! my virgin ears!Hee Hee hee!

  5. I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted to jump out of my car and smack the snark off of someone’s face for being such a terrible driver. Hope you have a great week and that every piece of equipment that you work on runs perfectly for the rest of the year. You need some time off.