First Time

Yesterday, I was driving home around sunset, after working the split shift. I considered stopping to swim the half mile, but didn’t because it was almost dark.
I should have.
When I got home, there was this “dude” in our apartment parking lot. He had one of those little mini racer cars with the ghetto-blaster-super-stereo. I really didn’t think much of it, he didn’t seem to be doing anything wrong, except for annoying too-loud music.
I went in, and put the dawg on his leash for a walk. When we came out two minutes later, the “dude” was walking towards my neighbors apartment, with my neighbor who had pulled up while I was inside. My dog and I walked past the “dude” and my neighbor like normal, but as soon as we were passed, my dog did a quick U turn and bit the “dude” in the back of the leg, at the bottom of his calf.
I couldn’t believe it! I said my dogs name in such a way that he went over on his back, feet up, as passive as a dog can get. I hit my dog and yelled at him. Then I apologized to the “dude” and made sure he was OK. Then I yanked the dog back inside and kicked him in the butt when he hesitated going through the door. First time I ever kicked my dog. I was so mad and the dog was so scared he peed on the floor, another first time.
It didn’t really hurt the guy, it didn’t break the skin or make him bleed. I guess my dog was watching him from the window before I arrived and didn’t like him or the music.
Now what? I can’t trust my dog any more?
If I had stopped for that swim, it wouldn’t have happened.

0 thoughts on “First Time

  1. Considering how smart your dawg is, he probably didn’t trust the dude and was letting the dude know, “This is my owner, don’t mess with him” and when he hesitated to go in the house, he was making sure the dude knew where you lived, as if to pause and say, “This is where I live, don’t mess with it either”Of course I don’t care for music blasting, car racing little thugs so I’m siding with the dog on this one.

  2. I have that fear with our dog too. She’ll growl at people and bare her teeth, but so far (knock on wood), she hasn’t bitten anybody.