First Visitors

I’m on vacation for the OI Girls Parents visit. I’m excited! They get here Monday! Our first visitors in the new house!

I just finished the third book of a trilogy, The Circle, by Ted Dekker. The first book was called Black, the second Red, and the third White. It’s about this guy named Thomas who is living in two worlds. When he goes to sleep here, he wakes up there. When he goes to sleep there, he wakes up here. IT was really good, I couldn’t put them down!

0 thoughts on “First Visitors

  1. Marky Mark! How’s it going? Been a long time since I’ve visited and I didn’t want you to think I’ve forgotten you.Enjoy the time off and am sure the new house.

  2. Hey, I listened to the first of the trilogy via audiobook – but I have yet to get the other two. I will have to look them up now that someone I know has read them.