Flashback Friday: Grandmas Phone

Memory Monday has been changed to Flashback Friday.

old-phoneMy Moms parents lived on a farm in Wilmington, Ohio. Back in the days of my eariliest memory, I remember their phone. They had a party line, which meant that several people in several houses used the same line, like separate phones in the same house. Each phone had a different ring, (like two fast and one short would be my Grandparents). Sometimes you’d pick up the phone and hear somebody else talking. You’d hang up and try again later.

Talking on the phone was a big deal in those days. I remember my Grandparents phone was on a little table in the hall, with a pad of paper, a pencil, and a small lamp. Nothing else. When you used the phone, you concentrated on using the phone. It was an important device, not used for idle chat.

For Christmas, my Wife gave me a Zen Garden. I always wanted one, but now I wonder where I’m going to put it. It seems to me that the table at my Grandparents house with the phone on it would be a perfect place,

zen_gardenI miss those days. I’d like to go back in time, knowing all I know today.

This morning when the alarm went off I was dreaming I was at a yard sale pushing a double shopping cart. There was a regular shopping cart and a wagon hitch on front with another cart attached.

I was maneuvering through the items at the yard sale, thinking “This should be impossible to steer but it’s not” when the alarm went off. Now I feel all zombie-ish and brain dead. I think if the alarm goes off in between dreams I’m OK, but interrupt a dream and I’m hurtin’ fer certain.

But it’s FRIDAY! Have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Grandmas Phone

  1. I guess this really dates me, but I grew up with one in my parents’ house–and it was on a little table in the hall too! We had an eight-party line which sometimes caused quite a wait for it to free up.

  2. Total flash back – we had an exact replica of this phone but with real dials. It’s such a strange thought what we did with all of our “extra” time when life wasn’t crowded with Internet and mobile phones…
    Happy New Year!

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