Flat Sunday

Secret beach, I used to live just around that point in the distance

It’s my day off, before I woke up I was thinking I had to go to work, if that makes any sense.
Work yesterday was OK. Not great and way worse than not working at all. I went to my secret beach yesterday. I saw only one person all day. I was there and it started raining. I just stayed and laid in the rain. It was nice.
Today I’d like to do the same thing, but I want to dive and I need to study. I didn’t study yesterday at all so I owe myself double today.
I feel kind of bored and “flat” today. Maybe that’ll improove after some coffee.

0 thoughts on “Flat Sunday

  1. Hi MarkJust completed reading all of your posts. Someone showed me your blog and I initially started reading out of curiosity then like those reality shows I just kept reading. some entries were funny, some sad, some I just sat there and went “Wow ,would have never guessed that about you.” I’ll keep reading.

  2. A secret beach sounds divine!!! Even in the rain. I’ve done that before. Don’t care if it is raining, I’m not leaving the beach. I’ll be at the beach in a couple of weeks. Though, there will be a million and a half people there I’m sure. Enjoy your solitude.

  3. I’ve never laid in the rain but I enjoy walking in the rain. In fact I love walking in the rain. It is so peaceful. all I need is a secret beach to do it on. walk that is. In the rain.