Flying Through The Sun

I read a great article HERE about The Parker Solar Probe, flying around the inner solar system, slingshotting off of planets gravity to get closer and closer to the sun. This news worth reading!

Yesterday I got a loaner door for the construction project because mine hasn’t been released from Customs yet. Apparently, Customs has a new policy to hold items till their warehouses are all backed up and people riot, and then release it all at once. I dunno, don’t quote me on that. Customs also has an underwater camera I ordered, which arrived yesterday, that under normal circumstances, I would have gotten yesterday afternoon. Overnight shipping to the island, then a new experimental (emphasis on mental) policy says it to sit at customs for three days (FedEx guy said 72 hours). Welcome to the Caribbean! Truthfully, I have no idea what I’m talking about, all I know is I can’t get my stuff.

I don’t have time to care, it’s FRIDAY!

The builders ought to start the tiling this weekend, perhaps today. My wife picked an intricate tiling pattern the builder says they don’t know how to do, so I paid an extra $500 for them to hire a tiling expert. I’m glad they admitted they didn’t know how to do it, instead of giving me a botch tile job.

Have a good weekend!