Flying weeks

The days crawl but the weeks fly. Here it is almost another weekend already. I’m working the afternoon shift today, I’m waiting till the shade gets over to the side of the building where I’m working. I have a little sunburn (on my nose) from yesterday. I have lots of hats, but never one when I need it.
Saturday is the Sea Swim, and I forgot to mention that the Queens Birthday Parade was rescheduled after all last week. So Saturday is looking kind of busy. In the morning is the parade, then I have to move the equipment to the finish line of the sea swim, then swim, and then take all the equipment apart and back to the station.

Here’s some pics I took while Iwas in New York. I remember the Globe from the Worlds Fair when I was 4 years old. One is the Whitestone Bridge and the other is the Skyline, see the Empire State Building?

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  1. Hey too bad we couldn’t have been in NYC at the same time! I have hats, but never wear them except at the beach. They’re always good to have around! Protect that nose!Have a great weekend!