Founders Trilogy

I’m reading the second book of the Founders Trilogy. It’s called Shorefall, I just finished Foundryside, the first book. It’s supposed to be a trilogy, but I don’t think book 3 is out yet.

Quite an interesting concept. An object can be written on, or have a prepared plate attached, with magical (I guess it’s magic) writing and / or symbols that alter that objects reality. This process is called “Scriving”.

For example, you could scrive a wheel, and make the wheel would think it’s on a hill, and start rolling. It’s controllable, and you could make the wheel go faster or slower or stop. You can make a piece of rotten wood think it’s steel and it would get very strong.

This is also used among other things, to make fantastic structures, flying machines and weapons. Scriving is a major occupation in the days of these books.

The main character is a girl who has a scrived plate in her skull and can “hear” and “see” scrivings

In a nutshell, the book is about preventing the evil bad guys from obtaining weapons so powerful they would take over the world and killing us all. There’s rich Houses, that take up most of the land with their walls, and in between are where all the poor people live.

I’m finding it quite interesting. It’s not an “I can’t put it down” book, but it’s good, worth reading.

Happy Tuesday!