Snow Crash

Indiana Jones meets Ready Player One. Very enjoyable read. Grabs you in the beginning. Let’s you go a little in the middle with the explaining part, but quickly grabs you again with its good plot, characters, action and concept.
Hiro is an expert swordsman pizza delivery guy by day. He’s also an expert swordsman computer hacker and a bigshot in the metaverse, (an online, virtual reality world).

Y.T. is a 15 year old cute girl. She’s works as a “Kourier” (courier). Kouriers deliver their packages by “poonng” (attaching an electromagnet sling to passing vehicles) and catching a ride on ultra sophisticated skateboards. Her mother, a government programmer, has no idea Y.T. has such a dangerous job.
Computer virus’s might have already come out of the computer and been infecting humans for millennia, causing drastic, sudden historical changes.
Imagine if you could simply look at an image and it reprograms or destroys your mind (like a computer virus)
Hiro and Y.T. have to save us all from the next big virus release.

I enjoyed this book. Worth reading.

Shadow Of The Wind

I just finished this book and it was goooooood!!

It’s about this young man, Daniel, whose father takes him to “The Cemetery Of Forgotten Books” and Daniel picks a book to steward. As soon as word gets out that book exists, people are trying to get it. Especially this one scarface dude. the book Daniel selected is Shadow Of The Wind. Daniel tries to track down other books by the author and learn about him and a whole bunch of stuff happens.

Its a great plot with a lot of twists and action and romance. Very good guys and very bad guys. Highly highly recommended to read.

Last night my UPS started blaring out a siren in the middle of the night. It took me 10.minutes to figure out where the sound was coming from. Then my AC started making a noise like a jet throttling down the runway. I had to get up and adjust the air filter, which was “whistling”. through a gap because it wasn’t pushed in all the way. (I had an annual service done yesterday).

So last night was another night where the sleep could’ve been better

But I’m alright, Read that book!

Book: Good Omens

I’m currently reading the book above, Good Omens

. It’s about a guy from hell, I guess he’s an outcast demon, and a fallen angel. They’re friends (sorta) who have lived on earth for a long time.

Also, the son of Satan, Adam, (no relation to Eve) was born in the book, supposed to have been swapped at birth, but there was a mixup, he got double swapped or something, and he’s growing up in the wrong town, with the wrong family.

AND the end of the world is coming, but they (who? I don’t know who. The angel of death or the grim reaper I think) can’t find Adam (because he’s in the wrong town with the wrong family.)

AND the fallen angel and earthbound demon are quite comfortable living on earth. Therefore they’re trying to thwart the whole end of the world thing too.

AND if you leave a cassette tape in the demons car for fortnight, it automaticilly turns into Queens Greatest Hits. Of course, the label stays the same, so you might end up listening to Beethoven, Another One Bites The Dust..

I’m about 45% of the way done. It’s an interesting read. Worth it so far.

Phone In Bed

I have to stop with the three “It’s” in bed Twitter, Tumblr and TikTok. It keeps me awake too late. Sometimes almost 10:30 or 11. I don’t have any other social media, (except unused LinkedIn.)

I need sleep. More sleep, better sleep all sleep. I like to read, but the phone gets in the way of reading, book in hand, phone on book. By the time I put the phone down, there’s not time to read.

i gotta try to get control .

It’s very cold and winds from the north again this morning. I went to my swim spot yesterday and it was very rough. I think I’ve swam twice in the past 2 months.

Not a very positive post today…

Havva goodun anyway !

How To Stop Time

Like I mentioned yesterday, I finished the book: ‘How To Stop Time‘ over the weekend. I liked it a lot. It’s about a group of people who have a condition. After puberty, their bodies age about one year for every 15-20 years. In other words, they live a very long time.

The main character is Tom Hazard, he was born in 1581 and is still around today. He looks like he’s in his 50’s to us.

Generally, the people with this “condition” change their identity and move about every 8 years. People get suspicious after a while…

Tom Hazard played music at Shakespeares plays. How was on Captain Cooks ship in the Pacific. He’s teaching history in London right now.

It was an excellent book, with a dark twist to the plot. The number one rule is that you never fall in love. If you never fall I’m love, you just might be OK….

Im not saying more,. except that I thi k you should read it

Have a great day!

Another Great Weekend!

It was another fantastic weekend. I took the dogs to the beach, they loved it and were really well behaved. And then they had baths… One loved that more than the other. I won’t mention any names.

I got a lot of yardwork done. Mowing and ttranplanting houseplants and pulling weeds. I also picked up a whole huge bag of garbage from the roadside of our cul-de-sac, it looks a LOT better.

I finished an excellent book, a topic for another day.

I also had several really good yoga classes. (What’s amazing is how it makes your mind feel, even more than the body). Got all the laundry done and I also cooked out on the grill.

(I sound like a Suzy Homemaker )

It was a regular length weekend but seemed longer. Now it’s back to work, where I’m glad to be swamped.

Have a great week!

top quarter

Apparently I’m in the top quarter of the readers on Goodreads. My longest book was 599 pages and the shortest was 43. Average was 284.

The main thing I notice is that good books are easier to read than books I don’t particularly enjoy. A longer good book can be read faster than a shorter crappy book. I’ll never be able to read all the books I want to read in my lifetime, there’s so many..

2024 is just around the corner!

Have a wonderful day!

Book: Survivor

Finished the book Survivorl by Chuck Palahniuk.. It’s about this house cleaner, he cleans the same people’s house full time. Endlessly. His name is Tender Branson.The suicide hotline runs an advertisement and makes a typo. The phone number is Tender Branson’s number instead of the suicide hotline number. People start calling Tender Branson and he advises them to kill themselves. Many of them do. When the mistake is sorted out, and the calls stop coming, Tender gets decals printed; “Need help? Call me!”. He puts them in phone booths and near public telephones. He continues to advise the most desperate to commit suicide.

Tender is supposedly the sole survivor of a religious suicide cult. He then becomes a famous religious icon on TV and media.

Like all of the Chuck Palahniuk’s books I have read, Survivor is full of unbelievablly twisted people. It wasn’t pleasant to read, there was no moral to the story. Nobody in the book was happy. I don’t think I learned anything. There was nothing good in this book, but still, for some inexplicable reason, i recommend you read it.. I gave it four stars on Goodreads.

Cloudy here today. Probably will rain. Have a wonderful day!

Lucky You

I just finished Lucky You, by Carl Hiaasen. I really enjoyed it, all Hiaasens books seem good to me.

Two winners win the Florida Lottery, a racist white supremacist redneck and a black woman. The redneck steals her ticket and the story takes off from there.

Worth reading, twice… I think I had read it before.

For a slow, dragging long week, suddenly it seems to be nearing its end. I’m glad for that.

Have a great day!