Four days and a wake up

Friday the OI Girl and I go to Costa Rica for the weekend. We are both very excited, already I’m afraid it will be too short of a trip.
The OI Girl has informed me that I should be ready for some grilling from her family, like asking my intentions and when we’re getting married.
My first marriage was a disaster and I feel I can never be sure enough to do it again, although I couldn’t imagine not being with the OI Girl.

0 thoughts on “Four days and a wake up

  1. Rut roh….so know you know how her family feels, but how does she feel? Does she want to get married or are things fine the way they are? I hate when the family gets involved because frankly it’s none of their business. Perhaps the two of you should discuss how to handle this before you go. Then you can both sit down and tell them how you are going to proceed.