Free weekend!

The OI Girl is going to the Brac this weekend, I have the weekend to take care of the dawgs. I’ll probably take them to the beach, weedwhack, and pick up rocks.
whooooo hooooooo!

0 thoughts on “Free weekend!

  1. I don’t think you’re supposed to sound THIS excited considering your woman’s leaving you to your own devices this weekend. A friend of mine is also going to the Brac this weekend and it’s a company thing. I wonder if the Ol Girl and her work at the same place, assuming the Ol Girl’s trip is a company thing, which is why you’re not joining her…

  2. I have heard of being “whacked on weed” but not “weed whacked” before! lol, lol……did you get those wobbly eyes for your rocks?!

  3. Um, i don’t think that is how you should spend a free weekend…shouldn’t you be in the sun or relaxing in a hammock?

  4. I have a kind of free weekend too. NittanyBri is at playing Army guy this weekend. It’s kind of nice just doing what ever, when ever. Got to take lots of pictures today with a friend. The weather was beautiful!