Friday But

I’m not feeling so good. I got a feelink like if I closed my eyes, they’d stick shut and I’d be asleep instantly. All day yesterday too. I don’t feel particularly sick, just not right. Can’t wait to sleep late tomorrow morning.

Yesterday at work, I burned my mouth with coffee, pretty bad. In the late mornings, when the pot is nearly empty, someone turns it off. I always microwave it for 30 seconds. Yesterday, it was like molten lava. I took a sip, and then just bent over and let it flow out of my mouth. Thankfully, I was outside. Tongue and lips, not blistered, but almost.

Beautiful weather though. Went for a swim this morning. Mite  chilly, walking home.

 have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday But

  1. Hi Mark, thanks goodness you did not burn your lip and tongue. If its boiling hot, just a sip sometimes can cause blister. Next time, please be careful.

    I’m not out the woods yet, 3 weeks ago I fell in washroom and injured my lower spine and soft tissue tear.

    Have a great weekend, regards.

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