Friday Finally


Flower that bloomed last night.

Friday! Glad! I’m posting this from my phone because my computer is converting files from mkv to AVI. Of all the computers in our house, only one plays mkv video files with the audio in sync. Yesterday afternoon we went to Stingray City and I have lots of video and pics, on my computer, which as I said, is indisposed. So I’ll post videos later. It was hard to get up this morning. I was sleeping good when the alarm went off. I did wake up at 2:30ish and stay up a while though. Nothing in store for today, except dinner tonight. And it might rail. Looking cloudy. Have a good weekend. Check back tomorrow for some videos

7 thoughts on “Friday Finally

  1. That flower is gorgeous.
    Just how many computers do you have in your house?
    We have 3 that are working and two laptops that kinda died.

  2. Interesting how some prickly plants have such lovely flowers. Hope your dinner went well and everything you ate was delicious.

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