Friday, Now What?

Finally a Friday, although we have a storm coming and the weather will be quite questonable. The wife has to work this weekend, inventory, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. 

The water was quite rough for my swim this morning. I got in, but didn’t really swim.

Yesterday, we got a new water filtration system installed, no more bottled water for coffee. It (the water, not the coffee) tastes like melted snow. Delicious!  I remember when I was a kid, I’d see my Mom drink water and say “Why drink water, when you can drink Coke or Kool Aid or juice?” Now I love water. Funny, huh?

I’ll probably take the car today…

Have a GREAT weekend!

One thought on “Friday, Now What?

  1. water is only good for douches..(not as in a crappy person but for actual douches…)
    I’m resting..week out from concussion and I spent all day yesterday with Abby and think it set me back..but damn it was fun…

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