Friday Pictures

The Perseverance Rover landed without a hitch yesterday. It wasn’t even mentioned on the BBC news this morning, to my disappointment.

Below is an assortment (a nassortment) of pictures from the last week.

Downtown George Town view
The Wife and I at Coco Fest, an annual craft show. She hates this picture but I like it. A lot.
Another Coco Fest
Our two pooches consider promising careers as cat food.

It’s Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend. Have a very good one!

2 thoughts on “Friday Pictures

  1. Love your pictures from the week! I like the picture of you and your wife, too. Very, very nice! I remember sailing into Georgetown, Grand Cayman over and over during our Caribbean runs. It was often overcast or rainy when we got there early in the morning, but by the time we started tendering to shore, the weather became perfect. I hope the pups are safe from the big, bad kitty and that you enjoy your weekend. 😉

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