Friday Post

Below are a couple of cartoons that describe how myself and blog topics interact in this universe. There is a simple formulae. When I am out and about, far from the computer, topics are abundant, when I sit down in front of the machine, they vanish.
Both pics above are from I F*cking Love Science, on Facebook.

Tonight we are going to see The Avengers movie, it’s opening night. We’ve seen all the startups so I think it should be good. We’re going early to get seats, although we already have tickets. 

Tomorrow, we are going to the USA for a week. As you know, internet access is very difficult to come by in the US, but I shall try to post posts as usual.

Anyway, I can’t think of much more this morning. I hope you have a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Post

  1. Love your cartoons! I may steal. I still haven't "got" the Networked Blogs. I'm posting at Google Blogger and then sharing to FB. I did sign up for NB but not sure how to navigate it. I may be over in GC soon and maybe we can all (you and Sol and I) for lunch and a tutoring session. Have fun in US!

  2. Internet access IS NOT hard to come by in the US!!! By gosh! There is wireless access all over the place! Most places have wireless access, from eateries to library to Oh!! EVERYWHERE!! hope you enjoy your visit to the States!! …debbie (where are you headed??)

  3. I know nothing about the Avengers, but i do know that it seems your ideas come along and translate fine into great posts, along with your photos.

  4. My husband, stepdaughter & son saw that last night. I stayed home because I can just barely be dragged to that kind of a movie even when it's NOT opening weekend. I understand fighting a crowd for a concert, because the band won't be playing every night for a month (or week…or weekend). But I've never understood fighting a crowd for a movie which will be exactly the same in a couple of weeks, only with more room in the theater. On the cartoons – yeah, that's why when I'm actually posting, I jot stuff down before I lose it out of my brain!

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