Fridays Pics on Saturday Morning

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Yesterday I went out to get price quotes for a fence for my yard, then stopped by my secret beach. Months ago, I saw an old aluminum umbrella holder abandoned in the sand. I figured if it was still there, I’d take it. It would be good for a tikki torch. It wasn’t there anymore, but as I was leaving, I heard all this squawking, and found either two tiny parrots or two giant parakeets in a tree. Cayman Parrots have spot on their cheeks, these have no spots. (Top photo)
Then I stopped by
Sunset House and had a cigar at the pool. It seems Cathy Church has a new boat, that to me, looks quite nice. Hence the second photo. Looks like a sailboat with no mast.
The planes landing at Owen Roberts Airport fly almost directly overhead at Sunset House. I took pics of the bottom of somebodys private jet. Photo 3.

Last night was a great night for sleeping, it was very breezy and cool. Even though, I feel kind of cranky and in a bad mood this morning. We’ll see what coffee, a shower and a bicycle ride to the beach do for me!

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