Full Set

It’s Thursday, I anticipate a relatively easy day today… (Famous last words!) And I’ll take my raincoat with me, guaranteeing a cloudless, sunny day! I went for a run and a swim this morning and hopefully it can be a beach lunch today too.
I’m drinking my first cup of coffee, and I slept relatively good and things seem OK right now.

I still have problems, I still have those little things nagging my mind and problems going on. (and Things I wish I could change…..!) I have a full set of problems right now.
But six months ago I had a full set, six months from now I am sure I will still have a full set of problems.
I always have a full set.
But do you know what? Right now, I can’t remember what my full set of problems was six months ago. I don’t remember anything too awfully important. I’m sure my problems seemed huge, just like the huge problems in my full set today! But I can’t remember any of them now. Can you? To me, that means that six months from now I probably won’t remember what my problems are today. So they must not be that important, irregardless of what I feel about them today.
I don’t think life is about trying to solving all our problems at once, so that then we can be finally be happy for a minute, till the next problem arises. Life is about being happy NOW, even with unresolved problems. I’ve learned that I’m always going to have problems. I think that on a good day, maybe I’ll get 3 new problems, and fix 5. And on a bad day, maybe I’ll get 5 new ones and only fix 3. But they’re always going to be there, and they will always fill my mind – If I let them.
But the purpose of life is to be happy, even thought the problems will still be there.
It seems, that even when I have minor problems, my mind magnifies them to make them more serious. I was telling a friend about how I was going somewhere and wanted to stop off somewhere else on the way and somehow ended up on a parallel street and was angry that I’d have to stop on the way back instead of on the way there. I was mad at myself! Huge problem! How could I be so stupid! He then told me about how he was drunk and mashed a beer bottle on someone’s head and had to go to court for attempted murder. That gave me a lesson on perspective real quick! In my mind, my problem was huge, but in reality, it was minor. I learned it’s all about perspective. To me, my problems are always huge, but really they’re not. So I wish I could stop taking everything so seriously!

This is a huge problem dammit!
Just kidding
It’s easy to say this stuff when I feel good, but hard when I feel like el crapo. But right now I feel pretty good. That’ll probably change in an hour when I go to work.
Until then, and Beyond,
Have a good day!

0 thoughts on “Full Set

  1. Even on bad days, I still have a pretty good demeanor. We all have these problems that seem ultra-magnified (you read my post, so you know what I think too). You’re right, all we can do is try to have a good day despite the problems going on in our lives. Not bad advice.

  2. They’re just bumps in the road…not problems. I get bent out of shape about little stuff too sometimes. It makes me feel better to hear you talk about this and knowing that living on a beautiful island with water, sun and sand doesn’t make anything 100% better. See, you gave me perspective!