Click HERE to play an MP3. It’s a song called Gasolina. It is the kind of song that gets in your head and replays itself. I like the song, it is in Spanish and I don’t know what the words mean, but it sounds funny and I think children would like this song too.
Let me know what you (and your kids) think.
Ha hA! You’re gonna think it’s stupid!

Speaking of stupid; here’s todays fun fact. I have several identical pairs of swim trunks. At home, in the car, at work, and one (almost) always on me under my clothes. That way I can swim whenever and whereever I want and then change and never have wet swim trunks on under my clothes. They’re the same so nobody can tell I change them and it looks like I have only one pair. Usually I can get a freshwater rinse after swimming but I sometimes go back to work salty and sandy and crusty!
Don’t tell, I’d be embarrased if anybody knew!

0 thoughts on “Gasolina

  1. Mark, Mark, Mark! First, this is a great song…I’d love to be dancing at a club to this song! Second, this song is certainly NOT for children. The gasolina reference…um, think about when you put gas in your car…the male goes into the female. Yea, it’s all inuendo. Second, the word “culo” in the beginning is “ass”. And third, there’s a line in there about taking off clothing…ends in ropas but I don’t know how to spell the rest. It’s a naughty song, but it’s a good one! I would go back to work salty too if I had the opportunity to swim at lunch. I won’t tell!