Getting Old

Last night we watched the movie “New In Town”. That’s a nice movie.

This morning, I walked the dogs and afterward Ditto couldn’t make it up the stairs. Usually, he waits for you to unclip the leash and then he blasts up the stairs, today was no different, except I heard a whimper and I ran and he was stuck about half way up.  I held him till he quit breathing hard and then helped him up when he was ready. Poor lil fella! I don’t want him to get old.

I’m getting older too. When we moved into this house, there was a big rock that I moved over to the property line. (With a wheelbarrow). I tried to move it again the other day, and couldn’t. I could move it, but not get it on the wheelbarrow. I got some help and two of us couldn’t move it. I figure three people are needed. But I put it there myself, with no help. Unless my memory is failing along with my strength…

Have a good week!

6 thoughts on “Getting Old

  1. That makes me sad about the dog. I know how he feels though. When I first moved in here, I’d bound up the 14 stairs in about 8 steps. Now when I get to the top I’m like, “Man, I hate stairs.”

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