Getting Up Earlier

I just reset my alarm from 4:45 AM Mon thru Fri to 4:25 AM Mon-Fri. Years ago, I gave up my morning running and swimming to give the dogs a good, long walk. I’ve been resentful and angry about it off and on ever since. Long story. So now, hopefully, I’ll have time to exercise me as well as the dogs.

Also, kind of due to a typo at work, since covid, I start work a half hour earlier and get off a half hour earlier, which is great!

I had a very productive weekend. With professional help, we finished sealing the first half of the back deck. After it dried, I moved the furniture to the new side and pressure washed getting ready to seal the second half.

I finished the interior of the apartment, crack-repair. Now it’s ready for the prep and paint guy I hired. Not that piece of shit contractor who built the place.

I loosened/removed a hurricane shuttter and sealed around the window, it leaked in a windy rainstorm we had the other day. That was not an easy job and I hope the leak repair was successful.. With my luck recently, it’ll be “Bad Window” and not the sealant around the window. Although the sealing around the window that I replaced looked pretty bad.

And the wife and I went shopping, a half-day venture with multiple stops at various locations around the island.

It will be interesting to see what it’s like to get up earlier tomorrow. Have a great week!