Glad it's not Monday!

Well, to me it’s Monday to you it’s Thursday. Payback time huh? I have to work Saturday too.

Today is the December Solstice, the longest night and the shortest day in the northern hemisphere. That means tomorrow will be longer than today and the days will start getting longer. It’s the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Here winter starts at about 7:23 PM tonight. That is the instant the sun would be directly overhead at the Tropic of Capricorn.

I made a sundial but I left it at home.

I got a plan from the architect. I don’t think I can afford to build what I have planned. I don’t know what I an gunna do. Maybe sell my house in the US.

I’m kind of rambling around. I plan on goofing off at work today, but since I wrote that I plan on goofing off, i have jinxed myself and everything will go wrong. But since I wrote that I jinxed myself, maybe it won’t. except since I wrote maybe it won’t, it probably will.
Oh Nevermind!

0 thoughts on “Glad it's not Monday!

  1. I don’t know much about astronomy/meteorology, but for some reason, I always remember that Dec. 21st is the shortest day of the year.

  2. I hope things work themselves out on the house thing. I have roofers at mine right now. Merry Christmas to me I get a new roof. Now I need some landscaping work done!On jinxing yourself…I think you may have covered all of your bases in that last paragraph!

  3. You need you house in the US for what?!? Oh hell yea sell it! You need to get what you want or else you won’t like it!Yay for the winter solstice. I’m all for longer days!