Good Bye 1990 Toyota Landcruiser

Good Bye to my 1990 Toyota Landcruiser. Today I drove it to the junkyard. It had been sitting undriven for a couple of years and I tried to sell it but nobody wanted it. So this morning I hooked up the battery charger for a few hours (unnecessary), then this afternoon I started her up and drove to the junkyard. Then I took the license plates off and turned them in to the Motor Vehicle place and that was it, end of an era. In Cayman, the license plates stay with the vehicle for the entire life of the vehicle.
Getting ready to start her up.
Looking in the drivers door.
My old dashboard. 
(I carefully took the stereo out but left the adapter in case someone ever puts one back in)
Stopped at the corner because I forgot my camera
Final walkaround on the road.
By Beloved Vehicle in the junkyard as I sadly walked home. 
It’s right on the corner so I will see it every time I drive by. 
These two license plates probably haven’t seen each other since 1990, before one was placed on the front of the vehicle and the other on the back.
I love that vehicle, it is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. She never let me down, ever. She kept running till through anything and everything. She stood outside during Hurricane Ivan with no damage, except the automatic locks never worked again. Even before I bought her I always wanted one. The coolest looking vehicle ever made, I think.

I feel much like I felt when my first ship got decommissioned when I was in the Navy. But worse. I will never forget my Toyota Landcruiser. I am sure there will ever be another car I love as much.

 The Landcruiser and me in 2001 at the beach.

8 thoughts on “Good Bye 1990 Toyota Landcruiser

  1. Oh Mark, my heart feels your pain, that is such a wrench (hugs). Do you know, over here, a car's first inspection is it's last? I know, it's nuts – there are some folk driving SHEDS around – or Barney Flintstone type cars, with gaping holes in the floor. Only if they are stopped and deemed to be a danger, do they need to carry out repairs!

  2. I feel for ya! I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid that I know will be junked soon, and I hate to let that go as it has served me well.You have a very empathetic ear here my friend…

  3. I think I miss something about every car I've ever had. Except maybe the Monte Carlo that wouldn't stop running for ten or fifteen seconds when you turned off the ignition and took out the keys.

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