Good Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a good day even though it was cloudy and a little rainy. I set a new record for fastest mile on my moning run. I got my stereo replaced in my car, no charge. (Day before yesterday, it died) I found a pair of jeans that fit for $14.99. Work gave us lunch at the quarterly safety meeting, And I dunno,it just seemed like an allright day, for a workday. I made meatloaf for dinner and did the dishes.

This morning is cloudy and rainy and thundery, the thunder rattles the dishes in the cuppard. (Cubbard? Another word I didn’t know I didn’t know how to say or spell). “The thunder rattles the dishes in the place we keep them.” I wore a raincoat on my walk/run/swim, and didn’t run or swim, but I did stick my feet in the sea. The breeze was warmer than the still air, and the sea was warmer than both.

And hopefully it will turn out to be as nice a day as yesterday.

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