Good weekend

It was a good weekend. It rained a little, nothing like expected.
Saturday was a huge sale at a hardware/lumber store that the Wife and I had been waiting for. We went and it was disappointing. Out of our list, NOTHING we wanted was there. The lawnmowers were way over priced. Like a $99 cheapie was $350 CI
I wanted a shovel, and they had one shovel like the one I wanted (Almost) and it was $44. With 20% off would have made it about 36.
I went down the road and got a shovel I’m much happier with for $12.
Sunday morning, while the wife was still sleeping, I rode my bicycle to the beach for a couple of hours, then came back for breakfast.
My wife download ‘Queen, A Night at the Opera’ for me, and I listened to it yesterday-twice. I haven’t heard that album since it was on vinyl.

And now it’s Monday!

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  1. Lummy! You and me both dearie. Mind you I don't have the vinyl version any more either. Thank you for your kind comment on my son's blog.Best wishes