good weekend, bad monday

It was a good weekend.
Went to the dog show on Saturday. Ditto got ripped off. The obstacle course is an event where the dog has to go through a series of obstacles, showing his ability to follow commands. The event was timed. They did it 3 dogs at a time, we were stuck behind someone slow, and therfore didn’t win anything. The dogs that won, didn’t even make it through the course, they just quit one obstacle quickly and went on to the next. Ditto completed all the objectives quickly and thoroughly. We spent most of the time standing and waiting. He did win a ribbon in best trick though.

Sunday we went to the beach all day and got a lot of sun.

The astronomical society meeting was postponed till the 3rd.

Now I’m back in the shit at work with these computers that don’t work. I found another bad one, looks like. That’s 4 out of 5 bad new computers. while I’m dealing with these problems, my regular workload is backing up..

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