I Have Had It With Word Verification

vordverI just counted, I follow 67 blogs. And every time any one of them posts a post, I read it and usually I comment. I don’t feel like I get as many comments as I give. Maybe everybody else doesn’t feel the same way about comments as I do. I’ve come to the point that I don’t expect many comments.

One thing I cannot stand, is the word verification. I’ve posted about it before HERE. Blogger and WordPress and everybody has good spam protection. Word Verification is unnecessary and insulting. A person can turn it off and on at will. So someone can turn it off, and if they have problems they can turn it back on. Or, if someone does spam them they can simply “mark as spam” and the problem is solved. Don’t punish everybody for the actions of the extreme minority. Most of those with word verification on are those who post, expect (and sometimes get) a lot of comments, but never ever comment on anybody else’s blog. They’ve never experienced the frustration of word verification. Some people have word verification on AND comment moderation. They are the lowest of the low.

I’m not commenting on any more blogs that have word verification. Look at the above picture, can you read those? A lot of time I type more on the word verification than I do the comment. “Please prove you’re not a robot, type the words below.” That pisses me off right there. Neither is a word, one is a jumble of letters and the other is numbers. Those aren’t words.

I could go on and on.but I won’t. Maybe I will… Later.

13 thoughts on “I Have Had It With Word Verification

  1. i posted a few rants of my own on this subject. 🙂 i almost never follow a blog if it keeps word ver. enabled.

    thanks for stopping in today! i liked your profile blurb about understanding things but not people. made me smile. 🙂

  2. I agree…I have over a 100 blogs I follow and if they comment on mine I will comment on theirs..if they don’t comment on mine..I’ll go and read their post and that’s it..I quit posting on some peoples blogs that I really do like and they comment on mine..but BBC goes to their blog and he is a psychopath and will leave ugly comments about me on their post..so I told them.if he’s here, I’m not..I’m not telling them to run him off or I won’t come back..I’m not telling anyone how to run their blog..but if you are going to have a blog I would like to think it’s a safe haven..that was the reason I ran BBC off,not because he called me a big fat ass or stupid, or ugly or the many other things he has said about me on his and other and my blogs, but because he said offensive things to the people that come to my blog..I want my blog to be like my home, no one would dare insult one of my friends in my house why would I allow him to do it on my blog..seems not every one feels that way..and they let him come there and continue to spew his ugliness…so I won’t go back..he seems to have gotten the hint and doesn’t come any more so I’m thinking of removing the author approval thingy on mine…I’ll always come here and comment because you always comment on mine..it’s polite..besides I like your stuff..

  3. I hate the word verification, too. I don’t have it on because I want people to comment on my blog without persecution. And look! I’m commenting!! On your blog!!!

  4. I loath word verification with a passion!
    And Mark, THANK YOU for still leaving me lovely comments…. I know I am failing in that department … I follow around 300 blogs. It is too many.
    I should just try to read and comment on my faithful commentors (like you) .
    I will try to do better.

  5. OMG, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve skipped over commenting because of the word verification step! That’s why I love WordPress because it’s rather streamlined, not to mention that I use WordPress! I also understand the frustration with commenting more than what you receive back. To bloggers that I read who don’t comment back to me for a month, I put them in a special “Do Not Comment” file in my Google Reader so I know not to bother with commenting anymore. Yeah, it takes some time to cull through all the blogs every month, but it sure saves effort in the long run in unnecessary commenting time.

  6. Thanks for the tip … I hate word verification too … and never even realised it was on my blog. So went to settings to check and yep there it was … sneaky!!! Feels good to be free of it!!

  7. I wondered where you were 😉 I did try to take it off, because of you, mainly…I don’t get that many comments ON my blog, usually get them from facebook or private email, who knows why. But literally, in a few days I had so much crap spam (despite the fact that there is good spam protection, it’s not good enough), so I put it back on. Apparently, spammers love my blog more than commenters do, so that’s how that goes! I’m a crappy commenter, but part of that with your blog is that I have to go through 3 steps just to GET to it!! Ever since my email and feedblitz changed things, it’s not coming in the same way, or you changed things or something. Anyway…the joys of technology!

  8. I had to go check and see if I have word verification enabled on my blog. I don’t think I do. Did for awhile a couple of years ago when I was getting a ton of spam. But it seems to have stopped.

    I don’t do as good a job as I should commenting on other blogs. But then I don’t do a great job of blogging, either. Two or three times a month, usually.

    Here is my word verification tribute: http://littlenibbler.blogspot.com/2006/01/word-verification.html

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