Handshake VS Fistbump

In the Caribbean, many years ago, I noticed that people tended to “fist bump” rather than shake hands. Almost immediately, if not immediately, I liked it better than handshaking. 

Did you ever shake hands with someone who had wet, or sticky hands? Or with someone who had a hand like a cold wet fish? Or sometimes I don’t “get in position” quickly enough, and the other person grabs my four fingers and I think, “great, now they think  I’m fishy handed”.

I like fist bumping a whole lot better than handshakes.

I kinda thought this was going to be an origina-ish post, but when looking for the above images, I found much on the subject, and apparently, I am not alone in my thinking.

Today it is still quite cold and windy. It seems like super cold weather all over the northern hemisphere.

I almost got done with my closet that I’ve been biulding, and decided I kind of have to start over. I have scratches in the plaster and you can see the boundary between the old wall and new, and I think I’m going to have to sand more and re-paint. But the closet is quite roomy and really nice. I’ll post somepics later on.

Have a great day!!!

One thought on “Handshake VS Fistbump

  1. Sooooo… where’s the pictures? I think handshakes will never go out of fashion because they are politically ‘correct’. Fish pumps are for people you are more familiar with. We fist pump when we totally agree with something!

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