Happy Friday Y’all!

Happy Friday! A weird thing happened on my keyboard yesterday. The and the @ switched places. Yup, press shift and 2 and you get and press shift and ‘ and you get @. Anybody ever heard of that? There’s nothing on the internet about it.

Here it’s clear, and windy. And cold! I’m wearing a jacket. I rekkon I’ll ride the scooter this morning, but thinking about the van because of the comfort feature. But thinking about the discomfort of the heavy traffic on the ride home, makes me indecisive. I won’t know till I pick up my keys on the way out. (I have a separate keyring for my scooter.)

I’m glad it’s Friday. I have outdoor projects planned unless it rains, (which it might) and an indoor project if it does.

Now I’m at work. I was typing this and all of a sudden, my “go to work” alarm went off, surprising me. Time certainly is flying!

Have a great weekend!