Happy June First!

Happy June First! I’ve always said, as long as I can remember, that the first half of the year always seems shorter than the second half. And, it seems like ’07 is flying by. Of course, the year is really half over at the end of June, not the beginning, but this is the sixth month out of twelve, so it kind of seems like half way.
Also, today is the first day of Hurricane Season, it seems like it started two weeks ago, with all this rain. I thought the rain was over because the sun was out this morning and you could see the moon last night, but now it’s cloudy again and lookin’ kinda dismal. Like I said before, the sun will come when I return to work. I’m saying it over and over, so when it happens, I can say I told you so!
The OI Girl is at work, today is technically my last day off, Saturday and Sunday don’t count as vacation days. Monday, I’ll be back at work. Sufferin’
But lets not think about that now.
Yesterday I did some house cleaning, and today I may do more of the same. Or not. Hard to tell…
Hasta Manana.

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  1. Your scissors story scared me. Especially since I watched 7 straights hours of Most Haunted last night. Now I have ghosts on the brain. I think we need to hear more about your haunted house. Any history of death there?