Has this ever happened to you?

I came to work this morning, and I forgot my shoes. I got half way and realized I was wearing my flip-flops. I could probably get away with it, but I called the OI Girl and she’s bring me my shoes. Not that I really need them.

Here’s a not-too pretty pic someone just emailed me of me after the mile swim. I look exhaustificated! (because I was)!

0 thoughts on “Has this ever happened to you?

  1. Hot picture Mark! :DJust a question – why do you where the swimming cap when you don’t have hair?? Is it regulation??

  2. Yes, the racing rules require it, it helps identify the swimmers. If you finish without your cap, you’re disqualified!

  3. Ahhhh, but look at the color of that water. It’s beautiful! And you don’t look too tired…just a little tired. And the reason I am not in my pics, is because I am always taking them.Glad you got your shoes problem straightened out.